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“Old Blue” – The Samuel McClintock Hamill House
The Samuel McClintock Hamill House is the original home of The Lawrenceville School. This historic landmark structure has been in continuous use by students and masters since 1814. Today, Hamill House is a vibrant residential community of scholars. The ranks of accomplished Old Hamillites includes some of the nation’s most respected educators, artists, corporate leaders, entertainers, and humanitarians. Hamill fosters academic excellence and a commitment to public service. The Latin motto of the House is: “E tenui casa saepe vir magnus exit.” or “Often a great man comes forth from this humble cottage.”

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h-a-m-i-l-lGuidelines for registering for new students: Your username is your first initial, your last name, and the year you will graduate (example: jdoe13). Use your Lawrenceville email address if you have one.  If you haven’t received one yet, then just use your preferred personal email address. Please enter your cellphone number separated by dashes  (example: 123-456-7890). A domestic U.S. or Canadian phone number is preferred if you have one.

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